Monday, July 15, 2013

The Lonesome Dollhouse

Hi everyone, it's Reese! It's been over two months. I'm sorry. I'm not going to give you a big list of reasons or a huge made-up story. I'm going to keep it as short as possible, and tell you what the future holds for my sisters and me.

In the past two months, the dollhouse and us dolls have had a lot of free time. At first, we thought it was just because our human was busy with final exams and such for school. But when July hit, we knew she was done and we were curious as to why our shelves had remained untouched. We waited, like good dollies do. We didn't even make a mess in our bedrooms or the kitchen; we weren't noisy either- we just sat there in our places, our arms in the same positions, our limbs stiff. And at last, when we thought that we would die if we didn't strech soon, the doors to our world opened. And there stood the human.

She gave us a big explanation, as humans seem to do far too frequently, as if it will justify their course of action rather than an apology. It was personal, and it was well-meant, but all I'm going to say is that our human is getting older. She is not growing out of us dolls, per se, but more that she spends her time more on electronics and with friends than with dolls. But she's back. Kinda.

There hasn't been a video on AGNonstop in ages. We filmed an episode of TwinVlogz for Emma and Becca a few weeks ago, but no editing has been done, nor has my blog been updated.

We're working on coming back to the online world, pinky promise. It just might take some time.

WIth extra love,
Reese <3

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Under the Weather and Thank You's!

Hi everyone, it's Reese! I'm feeling rather sick lately- just the common cold, but you know, still a pain with the lack of the ability to breathe, sore throat, headache, etc. I don't mean to be pessimistic (really, I promise!). I just wanted to explain why Em never finished Part 2 of her first guest post. Given that our human has been sick too, us dolls haven't really had a chance to go online. :( Emma asked me to finish up her post for her, so here you go:

Emma and Becca have begun a new YouTube series on our channel, AGNonstop (p.s. Check out our new layout and let us know what you think!). The series is called TwinVlogz and you can watch Episode 1 by clicking HERE! Or viewing down there ------>

Emma and Becca are both excited about this series! It's been three weeks since the first episode aired, but we hope to film another episode when we are all feeling better. (I use the term "we" as a surprise- can you guess what Episode 2 might be about?) Emma and Becca both hope to blog about their series when Episode 2 airs.

As the filmers/ producers, Emma and Becca (and the human ;)) can't promise when each episode will air. Because life just tends to get in the way sometimes, they don't want to make any false promises. Summer's just around the corner though (our last day of school, including finals, is June 22!) and we hope that summer will give us more chances to film.

Moving on.... ;)
Thank you Sabine and Elizabeth!

We (the human and I) would like to personally thank our friends Sabine at Bienvenue Chez Les Ch'tis and Elizabeth at Anthropology for the gift of two awards! Woah, thanks so much! Sabine nominated the blog with the Brilliant Blogger Award and Elizabeth nominated our blog for a tag. We hope to have both of these posts up soon, again, when we all have energy to spare.

Until next time dear readers....

Reese <3

P.S. On a random side note, happy Cinco de mayo! (In Spanish Cinco de mayo [months aren't capitalized in Spanish] means the Fifth of May!) My sisters and I all take Spanish as our second language in school (Next year, I'm starting French as well!). We are enrolled in Spanish 3 Honors and we've been learning for six years. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Emma's Insights: Something Big is Happening...

Hello all, I'm Emma! Reese and I have been talking lately, and I'm going to start some guest posting here on the blog! Hopefully between the two of us, we can put up twice as many posts!

I made this post to tell you about something big coming up on our AGNonstop YouTube. It'll feature my twin sister Becca and I, and it's called TwinVlogz! That's all for now folks!

Emma Grace

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Best Blogger Award!

Hi everyone, it's Reese! Welcome to my second post of the day! I hope to be blogging a lot more with guest posts from my sisters.

My friend Sabine over at Bienvenue Chez Les Ch'tis nominated me for the Best Blogger Award! Thank you so much Sabine! Please go check out Sabine's blog- it is amazing!

For the first part of the award, I will answer these five questions:

1. What is your favorite post that you've ever created?
Well, I've only had this blog for a year and I'm already at 51 posts. Wow! My favorite post/ blog series would have to be Fighting for Emma. Emma is my best friend, so naturally, it is very important to me to have these posts which led up to our wonderful friendship. I also love my post, Meet Becca Abigail! Becca is such a wonderful part of our family and it wouldn't be the same without her. I'm so glad that Emma and Becca are a part of my family! :)

2. What is your favorite photostory that you have ever taken part in?
In my house, we do more stop motions and photoshoots than photostories. With that said, my favorite stop motion is Welcome Summer! This one was so fun to film and it was great because it really showed all of our personalities well. My favorite photoshoot is Mayflower Beach! We actually filmed this on a beach in Dennis (Cape Cod). The sun was shining, and while this isn't our best photoshoot, it was so much fun to create!

3. Why do you blog?
When I began blogging, I thought of it as a way to connect with my YouTube account, AGNonstop. As time went on, I eventually began to document my life in more detail, I have so many great memories, from the adoption of Emma and Becca to simple little joys in life such as my hiking trips, vacations, etc. I also love communicating with my readers and talking to all of my wonderful friends in the blogging world!

4. How many followers do you have?
I currently have 31 followers, which is great; I never thought I'd have so many! :) I love and thank all of our followers, as well as our readers who don't follow our blog. Be sure to leave a comment- I'd love to chat!

5. Do you like being nominated for awards?
Of course, and another thank you to Sabine! I have found that awards (this is my second one) give me an extra boost of motivation, as do comments and followers. Thanks for dropping by, and if you like my blog, please let me know!

Now, the moment I have been waiting for is here! I get to now nominate five other blogs in turn who haven't been nominated yet. I nominate:
1. Tess and Maggie at Jane Austin and Unicorns
3. Inky at Super Inky!
4. Steampunk Addie at The Adventures of Steampunk Addie
5. Holly Pino and Kay Jun at The Spicys!

Thank you Sabine! Be sure to head over to Sabine's blog after you read this post! It was an honor to be nominated for this award. Thank you dear readers! Until next time,

Reese <3

Happy Easter!

Hi everyone, it's Reese! Happy Easter Sunday to all of you who celebrate! If not, I hope you have a wonderful day! :) Can you believe Easter is in March this year? It feels so strange, seeing that Easter is usually in April. I encourage you to always remember that the true meaning of Easter is to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.

I spent the entire day with my family, so unfortunately, I don't have any pictures. I will tell you all about my day though- it was wonderful! To begin the day, my cousins, Maggie, Anna, Katie, and Grace came to our house (they're visiting from Boston!) and we had breakfast together. Our parents cooked us a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, eggs, toast, hash browns, bacon, and fresh orange juice. Imagine 14 people together under one roof! Our home is fairly large, but that's a lot of people! XD Afterwards, we got our Easter baskets from the front step. They were filled with candy and small little toys. Thank you mom and dad! :) After we all got a little crazy on candy, we went on an Easter egg hunt in our backyard. There were 50 eggs hidden and Becca found the most- 21! Wow!

For the rest of the day, we relaxed and hung out together until we had dinner around 2:30 pm. It's been a while since my sisters and I have seen our cousins, so we had a lot to catch up on. Our dinner consisted of ham, vegetables, rolls, and some other food. For dessert, we all decorated sugar cookies and Emma and I made cake pops! The food tasted amazing after a long day of Easter-egg hunting and snacking on candy and treats. :)

What did you all do for Easter? We had a wonderful day!

Reese <3

P.S. Look for a guest post from Emma coming up within the next three days! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Important Info and Updates from the Human

Hi everyone, this is Emily, the human behind the AGNonstop girls. It's been a while since a blog post, and I have a lot of things that I want to clear up. I know that Reese and I have been bad bloggers lately, and I apologize for that. This post should answer many of the questions you may have.

The first and most prominent question is Where have you been for 2 months? Well, here's your answer. In the fall, I began at a new school in my town. There were many adjustments to make ad my increased work load left almost no time for filming and blogging. That's when the posts began coming less frequently. More recently, I have been busy with schoolwork such as midterms in January and daily tests and quizzes. After school, I am at musical and dance until around 7 pm. When I get home, I have to do homework for the next day, and by the time I finish, I just have zero energy left. Now that I'm on February break, I'll try to get up a few blog posts and videos. And there's only 4 months until summer! :)

I realized this morning that you, my dear readers, don't know much about me, the human. Well, first of all, my name is Emily. On YouTube, I formerly had a different code name, but my name in real life is Emily. I am a very school-focused person, but outside of school, I love theatre (musical, plays, etc.), singing, and dance. In my free time, I also enjoy creative writing, reading and filmmaking, as well as of course, my wonderful six (ten, if you count the four in storage) dolls!

Thank you to my loyal readers who have been anxiously awaiting a blog post. I'm not saying that I will have a new post or video up daily, or even weekly, but I'll try my best to keep you updated on the latest dolly news. For now, Emily off, as Reese and the girls are demanding my attention. Thanks everyone! <3

Emily (and Reese) <3

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome to My Home!

Hi everyone, it's Reese! If you've been reading my blog, you know that I make a lot of references to my house. I just wanted to make a quick post to let you know that we finally filmed a video showing you our home. Just in case you were wondering. ;)

Reese <3

P.S. My blog's 1 year anniversary is on Tuesday, January 8th! :D