Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Best Blogger Award!

Hi everyone, it's Reese! Welcome to my second post of the day! I hope to be blogging a lot more with guest posts from my sisters.

My friend Sabine over at Bienvenue Chez Les Ch'tis nominated me for the Best Blogger Award! Thank you so much Sabine! Please go check out Sabine's blog- it is amazing!

For the first part of the award, I will answer these five questions:

1. What is your favorite post that you've ever created?
Well, I've only had this blog for a year and I'm already at 51 posts. Wow! My favorite post/ blog series would have to be Fighting for Emma. Emma is my best friend, so naturally, it is very important to me to have these posts which led up to our wonderful friendship. I also love my post, Meet Becca Abigail! Becca is such a wonderful part of our family and it wouldn't be the same without her. I'm so glad that Emma and Becca are a part of my family! :)

2. What is your favorite photostory that you have ever taken part in?
In my house, we do more stop motions and photoshoots than photostories. With that said, my favorite stop motion is Welcome Summer! This one was so fun to film and it was great because it really showed all of our personalities well. My favorite photoshoot is Mayflower Beach! We actually filmed this on a beach in Dennis (Cape Cod). The sun was shining, and while this isn't our best photoshoot, it was so much fun to create!

3. Why do you blog?
When I began blogging, I thought of it as a way to connect with my YouTube account, AGNonstop. As time went on, I eventually began to document my life in more detail, I have so many great memories, from the adoption of Emma and Becca to simple little joys in life such as my hiking trips, vacations, etc. I also love communicating with my readers and talking to all of my wonderful friends in the blogging world!

4. How many followers do you have?
I currently have 31 followers, which is great; I never thought I'd have so many! :) I love and thank all of our followers, as well as our readers who don't follow our blog. Be sure to leave a comment- I'd love to chat!

5. Do you like being nominated for awards?
Of course, and another thank you to Sabine! I have found that awards (this is my second one) give me an extra boost of motivation, as do comments and followers. Thanks for dropping by, and if you like my blog, please let me know!

Now, the moment I have been waiting for is here! I get to now nominate five other blogs in turn who haven't been nominated yet. I nominate:
1. Tess and Maggie at Jane Austin and Unicorns
3. Inky at Super Inky!
4. Steampunk Addie at The Adventures of Steampunk Addie
5. Holly Pino and Kay Jun at The Spicys!

Thank you Sabine! Be sure to head over to Sabine's blog after you read this post! It was an honor to be nominated for this award. Thank you dear readers! Until next time,

Reese <3

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  1. Aww, I am (deservedly) humbled and grateful. Thanks!